Deena Centofanti Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Husband, Fox 2, Net Worth, Salary and Twitter

Deena Centofanti is an American Emmy award-winning anchor/reporter at Fox 2 News. He specializes in health reporting and anchors “The Nine”. 

Deena Centofanti Biography

Deena Centofanti is an American Emmy award-winning anchor/reporter at Fox 2 News. He specializes in health reporting and anchors “The Nine”. 

Deena Centofanti Career

Centofanti began her TV career in 1990 at WSYX in Columbus, Ohio, making $5 an hour, doing any job they gave her. This is where she became very close friends with a production director, Keith.

As she moved on to slightly higher-paying jobs, Keith did too. At times there was a lot between us, but we always felt like a team. In 1996, we got married- and that was just the beginning of many blessings.

In 1997, she got the chance to work in Detroit at Fox 2 news. Initially her work life here was really challenging; getting to know a new city, new people, figuring out how to generate sources and stories. Her work life was hard and her personal life was rewarding.

In more than 2 decades at Fox 2, she has met so many incredible people, they share personal stories of hardship, tragedy, bad fortune… to help the rest of us learn and grow. She has cried with women facing advanced breast cancer, stood with parents who, with pride and tears, watch their disabled children ride a custom bike for the first time, and she has felt the despair of a family suddenly facing a devastating loss that no one saw coming.

Whether it’s joy or pain, when one is willing to learn about each other’s experiences and share their stories, one starts to realize we are all more alike than we are different.

As she reflects, she is so thankful for 2 things; their Fox 2 viewers and her Fox 2 family, both have given her years of support, wisdom, laughter, and love.

Deena Centofanti Photo
Deena Centofanti Photo

Deena Centofanti Age

Centofanti is 54 years old as of 2019. She was born on 4th October 1965, in Detroit Michigan, United States.

Deena Centofanti Family

Centofanti spent her early childhood in a Norman Rockwell-like town; Hudson, Ohio. When she was in grade 8 they moved to a suburb of Cincinnati- moving at that time, did conjure up all the angst of a John Hughes movie.

She has a brother with special needs and throughout her teens felt like she was walking a tightrope, trying to balance being a proud sister while quietly blending into the crowd.

After high school she was thrilled to attend Miami (of Ohio) University where she studied broadcast journalism. Her mother Marsha is full of compassion and her dad Joe is a great storyteller. She was hoping to tap into both those skills and make a difference by telling other people’s stories.

Deena Centofanti Husband

Centofanti married Keith in 1997, who later became the vice-president of creative services for Fox 2 in 2017. In 1999, Centofanti became a mom with her firstborn son. She would sleep late researching on how to raise a healthy and happy child thereafter she become a health reporter. Centofanti didn’t take it lightly at the time, and this is still a job she considers to be an honor and a challenge.

Her work life blossomed so did her family. She gave birth to a daughter in 2002 and then another baby girl in 2005. Her three children keep her fulfilled beyond words-as they often keep her humble as well.

Deena Centofanti Net Worth

Deena works as a health journalist for the channel Fox 2, has an estimated net worth of $ 1 million.

Deena Centofanti Salary

Deena Centofanti reportedly earns around $50,000, as her annual salary from the network, as of 2019.

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