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FunnyMike (Real name MacArthur Johnson) is an American rapper, comedian, and YouTuber. He began his YouTube career in 2017 by creating a channel, FunnyMike.

FunnyMike Biography

FunnyMike (Real name MacArthur Johnson) is an American rapper, comedian, and YouTuber. He began his YouTube career in 2017 by creating a channel, FunnyMike. He is also known as 22 Savage or Young 22

FunnyMike Career

FunnyMike usually posts comedy and rapping videos on his YouTube channel from which he gained millions of views. His first video was uploaded on 22nd August 2017, ”IM SMASHING YOUR GIRL PRANK ON RUNK!” which earned more than 1.3 million views. He later created another YouTube channel with his girlfriend called, FunnyMike&Jaliyah.

Mike started his career under the moniker, Funny Mike. He was a social media comedian primarily active on YouTube and Vine and accumulated a small but loyal following in the early years of his career. He created short skits, did impressions of celebrities, and posted memes. Apart from doing comedy, he was also an aspiring rapper.

After he became one of the most talked-about gangster rappers in mid-2016, he started using the moniker 22 Savage and started to emulate his appearance, style, and music. There were other emulators of the rapper as well, but none came close to Johnson. His first song, ‘No Heart’ as 22 Savage was released in August 2016.

The song was named after 21 Savage’s song of the same name from his collaborative album with Metro Boomin, titled ‘Savage Mode’. Shortly after ‘No Heart’ was released, he recorded ‘Jumpin’, and after the track became a hit, he made a music video of it. He has since put out several original songs, including ‘Run It’, ‘Hit That 22’, and ‘Pay 4 It’. He changed his name to Young 22 in February 2017 to bring a degree of legitimacy to his career.

FunnyMike Age

He was born MacArthur Johnson on 8, 1996, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 8th of  every year. FunnyMikeis 26 years old.

FunnyMike Photo
FunnyMike Photo

FunnyMike Age Height

Mike stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (181 cm) tall.

FunnyMike Girlfriend / FunnyMike Kids

Mike is dating Jaliyah Monet aka Life of Jaliyah. Jaliyah is an Instagram personality and YouTuber with whom he runs the joint channel, FunnyMike&Jaliyah. The couple welcomed a daughter named Londyn in February 2019 and is currently expecting their second child.

Funny Mike Net Worth

Funnymike has an estimated net worth of around $3 million. He owns a Mercedes Benz worth $25,995.00 to $123,600.00.

Funny Mike Residence

Mike’s new house residence is located in Josephine St, Houston, Texas.

FunnyMike Arrest

FunnyMike was charged with murder in May 2016. As per ”WADB Baton Rouge,” he and his two friends were outside a supermarket where they noticed a man, Richard Phillips, who was disturbing in the parking lot and after they approached him an argument broke out and FunnyMike shot Philip in the chest.

Later, he was arrested by police and he confessed to the shooting but in self-defense. He was later charged with second-degree murder, a $370k fine, and illegal use of a weapon.

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FunnyMike Bad Kids

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FunnyMike Album

  • Small WeeWee (Remix)
  • Mama Whooped My Ass
  • Dumba**
  • Small Wee Wee (feat. Funny Mike)
  • The Elbow Dance
  • CrackHeadBobby Wobble
  • Small WeeWee

FunnyMike Songs

  • Small WeeWee
  • I Need You
  • Mama Whooped My Ass
  • Merry Christmas
  • CrackHeadBobby Wobble
  • Hit That Bit for the Gram
  • The Elbow Dance
  • Birthday
  • Dumba**

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Who is FunnyMike?

 He is an American rapper, comedian, and YouTuber


25 years old as of 2021


5 feet 8 inches (181 cm)


Jaliyah Monet aka Life of Jaliyah


Not Available

Net Worth

around $3 million
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