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Genevieve Gorder is an American television host and interior designer born on 26th July 1974 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. She hosts Stay Here, a makeover netflix series show where she makes over Airbnb vacation rentals. She is also one of the designers in the reality show ‘Trading Spaces’.

Genevieve Gorder Biography

Genevieve Gorder is an American television host and interior designer born on 26th July 1974 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. She hosts Stay Here, a makeover netflix series show where she makes over Airbnb vacation rentals. She is also one of the designers in the reality show ‘Trading Spaces’.

She is a former host of Genevieve’s Renovation, “White House Christmas” and Dear Genevieve on the HGTV cable channel. Genevieve is also a judge on HGTV’s Design Star.

Genevieve Gorder Age – How Old Is Genevieve Gorder

She was born on 26 July 1974 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. She is 49 years old as of 2023.

Genevieve Gorder Height

She stands at a height of 5′ 10” (178 cm) weighing ‎143 pounds (65 kg).

Genevieve Gorder Family

Gorder was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States to her loving parents John Charles Gorder(father) and Diana Drake(mother). She was raised along her two brother.

Genevieve Gorder Boyfriend – Genevieve Gorder Husband/ Genevieve Gorder Wedding

In September 2018 Genevieve married her fiance ,furniture designer and model, Christian Dunbar in Morocco. They two got engaged in February 2018. During an interview with People magazine Genevieve revealed that something unexpected happened during their wedding and stole the show from the bride and groom.

Genevieve Gorder

“It was lightning in the Sahara as we said our vows. The sky opened up and it started to rain and everyone just put the Moroccan wedding blankets over their heads. It hasn’t rained in three years in the desert. So, I was like, ‘Do you guys want to go in?’ And they said, ‘No this is epic!’ Keep going!'”

She also said that a white wolf ran behind them while they were taking their vows.

“A white wolf ran behind us while the vows were going! It was the craziest thing. I didn’t even see it, but everyone’s going ‘whiiiite woooolf.”

She also said that she had pulled out the white wolf card out of a deck of little animal spirits earlier that day and the card read “you are the king of your tribe. You’re in charge of keeping everyone together and full of love.”

She is engaged to an interior designer and furniture builder Christian Dunbar. She announced her engagement to her boyfriend Christian Dunbar in February 2018.

Previously, she was married to Tyler Wayne Harcott a Canadian actor and television host from 2006 until 2013, with whom she has a daughter.

Genevieve Gorder Daughter

Genevieve has one daughter (as of 2018) Bebelle Harcott born in 2008 from her previous marriage to  Tyler Wayne Harcott. Genevieve  resides in Manhattan with her daughter Bebelle.

Genevieve Gorder Net Worth

Gorder’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million which she earned from her career as a television host and interior designer.

Genevieve Gorder Education

She studied at Minneapolis South High School, where she played soccer and the violin. From 1992-1994, she attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where she majored in international affairs but decided to change her career path after taking a graphic design course. In 1994, she obtained an internship at MTV in New York City.

After completing the internship, Genevieve was offered a permanent job by MTV, which she accepted. She then permanently relocated to New York and graduated with a B.F.A in design from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan

Genevieve Gorder Career

She appeared as a commentator on the MTV series, Sex in the ’90s bofore being known as a designer. Genevieve was one of the original designers of the TLC’s hit series Trading Spaces.

During her tenure at Duffy & Partners, in New York City, she designed the bottle for Tanqueray No. 10 gin. Genevieve became famous on Trading Spaces and quickly became known for her soulful designs and her unusual habit of working barefoot.

She was also a designer for a spinoff show, Trading Spaces: Family. In 2005, she hosted her own show on TLC, Town Haul. In January 2009, Genevieve’s project, Dear Genevieve, premiered on HGTV. The show featured Gorder solving design problems, in-person, for people who had written in to the program.

Between 2009 and 2012, she was one of three judges on the design panel of HGTV Design Star. Genevieve appeared in 25 episodes of the show, which featured her advising and critiquing designers looking to achieve status on television.

In 2005, she hosted HGTV’s White House Christmas. She starred in this show about the renovation of her own life and home in Manhattan which premiered in July 2014 and ran for six episodes. The series was a personal look at what it is to be a designer, and a reverse client as she designs for herself and her daughter.

On August 17, 2018, Stay Here was launched on Netflix. The eight episode series featured Genevieve and Peter Lorimer working together to help Airbnb and VRBO hosts redecorate and market their rental properties.

Genevieve Gorder Rugs

She teamed up with Capel to design her gorgeous new signature rug line. The designer’s unique and trendy style is apparent in each rug she has designed. Available in four distinctive collections, these beautifully crafted flat-woven area rugs reflect the soulful, whimsical style that has made her one of America’s favorite interior designers.

Gorder’s rugs range from trendy graphics to casual solids. Hip neutrals, corals, and aquas bring fascinating patterns to life in Gorder’s Insignia and Spear collections. The Spear collection in particular is a graphic take on Capel’s original braided style. The rug’s print mimics the individual braids, while its hand-tufted wool and viscose construction make it more luxurious than a real braided rug.

Genevieve Gorder Fabrics

Genvieve Gorder fabrics by Genvieve Gorder, have beautiful and unique designs fit for both indoor and outdoor with complimentary colors and amazing patterns.

Genevieve Gorder Wallpaper

Gorder sells a collections of amazing modern and elegant peel and stick removable wallpaper designs.

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