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J.R. Lewis is an American Anchor/Host working with KTVF, Channel 11 serving the station as a News Anchor/Host of Fairbanks Morning News Show.

J.R. Lewis Biography

J.R. Lewis is an American Anchor/Host working with KTVF, Channel 11 where he serves the station as a Morning News Anchor/Host. There, he serves with the Fairbanks Morning News Show at 6:30 AM every weekday.

J.R. Lewis Career

Lewis works with KTVF Channel 11 News where he serves the station as a Morning Anchor/Host for Morning of Fairbanks Morning News. He states that he had the good fortune to be around broadcasting for his entire life thanks to his dad, Jay Lewis. His dad has been a fixture in Fairbanks broadcasting for about 40 years. This is in addition to blazing the great trail that is frankly been fairly easy for him to follow. He states that he just needed to sound like Jay, and his chances would be good.

Lewis also states that he remembers being a kid when KTVF-TV and KFRB Radio(now KCBF) were co-located downtown in the Northward building. He also states that if his folks were working late he would sneak into the KTVF studio and throw paper airplanes around. This was while hoping that Augie Hiebert(founder of KTVF) would not catch him.

He also states that he got most of his experience from radio, a field he entered professionally working for Dad at KAYY (now Magic 101.1) at the age of 14. This has been his career ever since. He worked with KAYY till the year 1992 before later joining KLAM-TV in Cordova, which his wife and he bought later on in the year 1994. The year 1997 saw him put KCDV-FM on the air in Cordova. Since then, they have owned and operated both stations.

For him, the year 1997 was a big year because that is also when their son was born. The summer of the year 2012 saw him being smack in the middle of trying to figure out their son’s school issue and ran across a Facebook ad for an anchor slot at KTVF. He went on to pick the role without thinking otherwise. He states that he can’t think of too many other times where he has been so glad to have a self-assessment going wrong.  Lewis states that his family enjoys life in Fairbanks, which is a homecoming for him, and a new adventure for everybody else.

Giving thanks to his wife and friends together with the KTVF staff, he states that he feels honored to have been given the privilege of joining the excellent team of professionals. Additionally, he states that the Newscenter cares deeply about what they do. This is in addition to stating that he hopes that all of them can continue to serve Fairbanks with the kind of dedication and integrity that the community deserves.

J.R. Lewis Photo
J.R. Lewis Photo

J.R. Lewis KTVF

Lewis works at KTVF where he works alongside other famous KTVF anchors, reporters, meteorologists, and sports anchors including;

  1. Alex Bengel
  2. Mike Shultz
  3. Julie Swisher
  4. Sarah Hollister

J.R. Lewis Age

Lewis likes to keep his personal life private hence has not yet disclosed the year and month he was born. It is therefore not known when he celebrates his birthday.

J.R. Lewis Height

Lewis stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

J.R. Lewis Family

Lewis is the son of Jay Lewis. His father has been a fixture in Fairbanks broadcasting for about 40 years and blazed a great trail that’s frankly been fairly easy for me to follow.

J.R. Lewis Wife

Lewis married his wife in 1989, they together bought KLAM-AM in Cordova in 1992. The couple has a son who was born in 1997. For several months of his freshman year of high school, their son expressed a desire to make himself eligible for consideration by the USAF Academy.

J.R. Lewis Net Worth

Lewis has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 Million – $5 Million which he has earned through being a journalist.

J.R. Lewis Salary

Lewis earns an annual salary ranging between $40,000 – $ 110,500.

The table below answers some of the frequently asked questions about Lewis.

Who is J.R. Lewis?

 He is an American journalist

How old is J.R. Lewis?

Not Available

How tall is J.R. Lewis?

5 feet 8 inches

Who is J.R. Lewis married to?

Not Available

How much money does J.R. Lewis earn?

$40,000 – $110,500

How much is J.R. Lewis worth?

$1 Million – $5 Million

J.R. Lewis Twitter

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