Karega & Felicia (Black Love) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Daughter and Net Worth

Karega & Felicia Biography

Karega & Felicia are one of the 16 couples who are featured on season 4 of ‘Black Love’. Karega Bailey and Felicia Gangloff-Bailey are two San Francisco Bay Area recording artists. The couple resides in Oakland, Califonia, and has been married for eight years. The two met when they were teenagers and attended Hampton University together.

Karega & Felicia Age

Karega and Felicia’s age is not yet disclosed.

Karega & Felicia Height

Karega and Felicia’s height has not yet been revealed.

Karega & Felicia Daughter

In 2019, Karega Bailey and Felicia Gangloff-Bailey lost their newborn daughter, Kamaiu. The couple says they are “angel parents.”  It’s a term that exemplifies their seemingly ever-present optimism and uplifting approach to dealing with grief.

Karega & Felicia Net Worth

Karega and Felicia’s net worth is currently under review. However, the information will be updated soon.

Karega & Felicia Photo

Karega & Felicia Photo

Karega & Felicia Black Love

Karega and Felicia are on the fourth season of Black Love will be airing the Oprah Winfrey Network on Saturday, September 12th. The season will be featuring 16 new couples.

Each episode features clips of various couples, some famous and some not, at least one of whom (but usually both) is Black. Couples are filmed side-by-side in their own homes, having frank conversations about their relationships and delivering tender moments in which they reminisce, cry, belly-laugh and comfort each other.

Their stories range from goofy to gut-wrenching. Some couples are still in the honeymoon phase. Others have toasted to their Golden anniversary. A few interviews focus on the loving bond between a parent and child.

Black Love Season 4: Cast

  1. Karega & Felicia
  2. Aiyana & Ayize
  3. Roxanne & Nikolai
  4. Brian & Ariana
  5. Surouje & Aisha
  6. Angel & Marcus
  7. Tracci & Tony
  8. Brandi & Kareem
  9. Leslie & Joe
  10. Jemele & Ian
  11. Dana & Tana
  12. Glen & Yvette
  13. Bill & Kristen
  14. Terrence & Deborah Joy
  15. Jazmyn & Dulè
  16. Anthony & Melanie

Karega & Felicia Instagram

Instagram: @fefemonique and @karegabailey