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Katie Porter is an American Politician, Lawyer, & Law professor working as the U.S. representative from the 47th congressional district in California, since the year 2023. She is known for serving as a representative of the 45th congressional district for 4 years (2019-2023).

Katie Porter Biography

Katie Porter (full name – Katherine Moore Porter) is an American Politician, Lawyer, and Law professor who works as the United States representative from the 47th congressional district in California, since the year 2023. She is known for serving as a representative of the 45th congressional district for 4 years (2019-2023).

Porter is a whiteboard-wielding lawmaker and progressive star. She considers herself lucky to be the 1st Democrat to be selected as a representative of the 45th district, where she covers most part of south-central Orange County such as Lake Forest, Tustin, and Irvine along with large portions of Laguna Niguel and Anaheim. Porter is a candidate for U.S. Senate in the year 2024. She is deputy chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Katie Porter Education

Porter graduated from Phillips Academy and then attended Yale University. She graduated from the university in the year 1996 with a major in American studies. Porter’s undergraduate thesis was titled “The Effects of Corporate Farming on Rural Community.” She is also an alumnus of Grace Hopper College (then – Calhoun College) at Yale. While there, she worked as an intern at Chuck Grassley.

Porter has also studied at Harvard Law School. There she served at the Harvard Women’s Law Journal as the notes editor. Also, she was actively involved in the Board of Student Advisers. Porter also studied under Elizabeth Warren (future U.S. Senator and bankruptcy law professor). She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in the year 2001 with a Juris Doctor Degree.

Katie Porter Age

Porter is 49 years old as of 2023. She was born on January 3, 1974, in Fort Dodge, Iowa, United States. She celebrates her birthday on the 3rd of January every year.

Katie Porter Height

Porter stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m).

Katie Porter Photo
Katie Porter

Katie Porter Family

Porter was born to Liz (mother) and Dan Porter (father). Her mom was the founder of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting and her dad was a farmer-turned-banker. Porter was raised on a farm in Southern Iowa alongside her sister Emily Porter.

Katie Porter Ex-Husband / Divorce

Porter is neither in a relationship, engaged, nor married to anyone at the moment. She was previously married to Matthew Hoffman. They tied the knot in the year 2003 and divorced 10 years later (2013). The reason for their divorce was that Porter was experiencing some sort of domestic violence – she says that mental and physical abuse was what marked her marriage. She once got punched by Matthew and shoved her daughter (1-year-old) across the kitchen, and threatened to kill himself. Matthew also used to direct profane insults at Porter’s family.

Katie Porter Children

Porter and her ex-husband Matthew Hoffman were blessed with 3 children; Betsy (daughter) and the other ones whose names are under review. Betsy was named after Elizabeth Warren (a famous American former law professor and politician. She is now a single mom with custody of 3 children.

Katie Porter Salary

Porter has an estimated annual salary ranging from $150,000 to $200,000, which she earns through working as a Lawyer.

Katie Porter Net Worth

Porter has an annual estimated net worth ranging from $5 Million – $10 Million, which she earns through her career as a Politician, Lawyer, and Law professor.

Katie Porter Career

Porter began her career in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she served as a law clerk for Judge Richard S. Arnold of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the eighth Circuit. She used to practice with the law firm of Stoel Rives LLP in Portland, Oregon. Porter also worked for the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges’ Business Bankruptcy Project as the project director.

Porter has served as a teacher of law at a number of universities such as the University of Iowa, William S. Boyd School of Law, and the University of California. She serves as the deputy chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Porter holds media attention, which she earned during congressional hearings for her questioning.

She has served at the University of Nevada’s Las Vegas School of Law as an associate professor. Porter has also served at the University of Iowa College of Law, first as an associate professor, then as a full professor. In the year 2011, she served at the University of California’s Irvine School of Law as a tenured professor.

Porter was appointed by General Kamala Harris (California Attorney) in March 2012 to be California’s independent monitor of banks in a countrywide $25 B mortgage settlement. There she was responsible for overseeing the implementation of $9.5 billion of the banks in settlement reforms for the people of California.

Katie Porter Whiteboard

Porter uses a dry-erase board (visual aids like whiteboards) to list user-friendly figures and facts to make her point when questioning officials. She has earned media attention during congressional hearings for her pointed questioning of officials. For example, she used a whiteboard to explain to Dianne Feinstein (Senator) (D-CA) why the public office held by Feinstein for 3 decades belonged to her now. It has however been confirmed that she had been forced to wipe the board clean and begin ‘a fresh’ by illustrating that the Hart Senate Office Building was not Dianne’s home and she did not reside there.

Katie Porter Congressional Questioning

She gained notice for questioning Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase CEO) in April 2019, about how a Chase bank teller should make up a $567 shortfall between her paycheck and her monthly budget. Porter asked Ben Carson (Housing and Urban Development Secretary) about Real Estate Owned “REOs” properties in May 2019. She asked Kathy Kraninger (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director) to solve some basic math problems regarding annual % rates on payday loans, which he refused to do. These are just some of “the questioning” of Porter to officials, which garnered her national attention.

Katie Porter Elections / Politics

Porter has worked as among the 3 co-chairs of a campaign from a senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts, the Elizabeth Warren 2020 presidential campaign.

Katie Porter District / Katie Porter Congress

In the year 2018, she ran for the U.S. House of Representatives against 2-term incumbent Republican Mimi Walters in the 45th congressional district in California. She and Harley Rouda were elected in the year 2018 and were the 1st non-Hispanic Democrats to serve as representatives of Orange County-based districts since the year 1985.

In the year 2020, she ran for reelection to the 2nd term. Porter went from the top-2 primary to 1st place and vied against the 2nd-place finisher in the general election. She won the election and became the 1st non-Hispanic Democrat in thirty-eight years to win a 2nd term in the 45th congressional district. In the year 2022 for her 3rd term, she again won, defeating Scott Baugh.

Katie Porter Help America Run Act

Porter introduced the bill “Help America Run Act” (H.R.1623) in March 2019 and it passed the House in October 2019. However, the Senate refused to take it up. This bill allowed individuals running for the Senate or the House to use campaign contributions to pay for elder care, healthcare premiums, dependent care, and child care.

Katie Porter Donald Trump’s Impeachment

Porter has been recognized for being among the 1st Democrats in the 45th district to be an advocate of an impeachment inquiry based on the Special Counsel investigation’s findings of Robert Mueller. She was a voter of both the 2nd and the 1st Donald Trump’s impeachments.

Katie Porter Infrastructure Bill

Porter was a voter of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which assists airports to reduce emissions, as well as assist in funding electric vehicles, bridges, and roads.

Katie Porter Approval Rating / Abortion

NARAL Pro-Choice America has rated Porter 100%. She also has an F rating from Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America for her history of abortion-related voting. Porter was an opposer to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, referring to it as “terrible…not just for ladies, but for all the people of America.”

Katie Porter Polls 2022 / Polls 538

In the year 2022, Porter won her re-election race. She was reelected in the newly redistricted 47th congressional district of California. After the days of vote counting, she staved off a challenge from Scott Baugh (former state Assemblyman and a Republican) to win a 3rd term in Congress. Porter was congratulated by Pres. Joe Biden. She raised over $23 M in the midterm election cycle, in 2022 – with 51.6% of the vote. In the 2020 election for her 2nd term, Porter won with 53.5% of the vote.

Katie Porter Corporate Profits

Porter declined corporate PAC money in her bid for Congress. A political action committee “End Citizens United” endorsed Porter to seek to overturn Federal Election Commission v. the United States Supreme Court 2010 decision Citizens United. She has cited the protection of voting rights as a legislative priority, as well as an overhaul of campaign finance laws.

Katie Porter Inflation Chart

Below is a video of Porter proving how Corporate Greed led to inflation.