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Laura Ingraham is an American conservative TV Host known for hosting “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News Channel since October 2017. Ingraham also serves at LifeZette as an editor-in-chief.

Laura Ingraham Biography

Laura Ingraham (full name – Laura Anne Ingraham) is an American conservative TV Host who is known for hosting “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News Channel. She has been hosting the program since October 2017. Ingraham also serves at LifeZette as an editor-in-chief.

Ingraham has served as a host of “The Laura Ingraham Show,” the nationally syndicated radio show. In the late ’80s, he served as a speechwriter in the administration of Reagan. She has worked for the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York as a judicial clerk. She has also worked for Clarence Thomas (U.S. Supreme Court Justice) as a judicial clerk. Ingraham has also served at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in N.Y.C. (a law firm). She started her career in media in the mid-’90s. She is well-known for being a supporter of Trump and serving as an acting informal advisor in his presidency.

Laura Ingraham Eduaction

Ingraham is a proud 1981 graduate of Glastonbury High School. She is also a 1985 alumnus of Dartmouth College where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree. As a senior at Dartmouth College, Ingraham worked for The Dartmouth Review (the independent campus newspaper) as an editor-in-chief. In that role, she wrote a number of controversial articles. Ingraham is also a 1991 grad of the University of Virginia School of Law where she graduated with a Juris Doctor Degree. While at the University of Virginia, she served as a notes editor for the Virginia Law Review. Ingraham has also studied Russian and Spanish.

Laura Ingraham Age

Ingraham is 59 years old as of 2022. She was born on June 19, 1963, in Glastonbury, Connecticut, United States. She celebrates her birthday on the 19th of June every year.

Laura Ingraham Height and Weight

Ingraham stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) and has an average weight of 126.7 Pounds (lbs) – 57 Kilograms.

Laura Ingraham Family

Ingraham was born to her late parents, James Frederick Ingraham III( father) and Anne Caroline (mother). Her father was born on December 12, 1925, in Peabody, Massachusetts, United States, and passed away on December 12, 2013. He was of English and Irish ancestry. Her mother passed away on May 26, 1999. Ingraham’s maternal grandparents were Polish immigrants. Ingraham grew up in Glastonbury, Connecticut alongside her brother Curtis Ingraham. Curtis is openly gay and he once dated a guy who was HIV/AIDS positive – his partner, unfortunately, passed on of the disease. She grew up as a Baptist church member until she was 12 years old when she decided to convert to Roman Catholicism.

Laura Ingraham Photo
Laura Ingraham Photo

Laura Ingraham Dating / Boyfriends

Ingraham is single at the moment. She has however been in several past relationships. She has dated her 2 fellow conservatives: Dinesh D’Souza (an Indian-American right-wing political commentator, filmmaker, author, & conspiracy theorist) and George Conway (an American lawyer and activist). Ingraham has also dated David Michael Porter (a speechwriter and conservative writer), Donny Deutsch (2007), Mike McKeon, Keith Olbermann (1977), Robert Torricelli (1999), Jay Paterno, and Tim Russert.

Laura Ingraham Children

Ingraham is a single mother of 3 kids (by adoption), 2 sons;  Nikolai Peter Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham, and one daughter; Maria Caroline Ingraham. Ingraham likes spending her spare time with her kids. Nikolai was adopted from Russia in the year 2011, Michael was adopted from Russia in the year 2009, and Maria was adopted from Guatemala in the year 2008.

Laura Ingraham Net Worth

Ingraham has an annual estimated net worth of $40 Million.

Laura Ingraham Career

Ingraham has worked as an editor of the magazine “The Prospect.” She was featured on The New York Times Magazine’s cover in the year 1995, in connection with a story about young conservatives. As a TV host, she has worked for MSNBC. She has served as a host of “Watch It!” (an MSNBC program). She has also worked as a CBS commentator. Ingraham was given a three-week trial run in the year 2008 by Fox News Channel for the show “Just In.”

As a radio host, Ingraham has her own show called “The Laura Ingraham Show,” which she launched in April 2001 and was syndicated by Talk Radio Network. This show airs on XM Satellite Radio and 306 stations. Talkers Magazine rated the show as the #1 radio show in the USA in the year 2012. Ingraham made the announcement of the show’s departure from TRN – Talk Radio Network in November 2012. She began her new show on January 2, 2013, and it was syndicated by Courtside Entertainment Group. The program stopped airing in December 2018.

Laura Ingraham Fired / Is Laura Ingraham Still on FOX News

Ingraham has not been fired from FOX News Channel, and she is not planning to leave the network. She still hosts “The Ingraham Angle” on the network.

Laura Ingraham LifeZette

Ingraham and Peter Anthony (businessman) are the founders of a conservative American website called LifeZette. They founded the website in the year 2015. She sold the majority stake in the website to The Katz Group.

Laura Ingraham Controversies

Laura Ingraham Conspiracy Theories

She has been a promoter of conspiracy theories about topics like the January 6 US Capitol attack and the coronavirus pandemic. She is also an endorser of the Great Replacement theory and has interviewed Republicans; Jim Jordan, Stephen Miller, and Jim Banks who also supported the theory. In an interview on Fox & Friends, she was endorsing the conspiracy theory of the Democratic National Committee’s involvement in Seth Rich’s murder.

Laura Ingraham Gun issues

She cautioned Donald Trump not to reinforce gun control during the second amendment of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, or else he wouldn’t have to worry about who would run his 2020 campaign! Twenty-seven sponsors boycotted her show in March 2018 after she ridiculed a 17-year-old student, David Hogg, who survived the shooting, for complaining about not being accepted by 4 colleges. David sued Ingraham for cyberbullying and posted a list of her advertisers. Ingraham had to apologize and some of her advertisers were fired. She was not canceled. In the fall of 2018, companies continued to shun her show despite the increased ratings.

Laura Ingraham COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ingraham constantly pushed for the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine as the disease’s treatment. Ingraham ridiculed Robert R. Redfield (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director) after Robert warned against the drug. She made the criticism in May 2020 that individuals publicly wear face masks as a way to stop COVID spread. Ingraham and Victor Davis Hanson (her guest) spread misinformation about the response of New Zealand to COVID on her show, in October 2020. She was an early media supporter of the anti-parasite drug ivermectin as coronavirus treatment.

Laura Ingraham Homosexuality / Gay / Lesbian

She published an essay in The Washington Post in the year 1997, stating that she had changed her thoughts and opinions on homosexuality after she witnessed “the courage, fidelity, and dignity” with which her brother Curtis who is gay, and his partner, coping with the latter tested positive for HIV/AIDS. She once said that she is now a supporter of civil unions between same-sex partners, but believes marriage is between a woman and a man. Ingraham was once a defender of the outing of gay students as a “freedom of the pressing issue.”

Laura Ingraham Foreign policy

Ingraham was an advocate for the invasion of Iraq in the year 2003. She condemned China’s Xinjiang re-education camps for Muslim ethnic minority groups, as well as China’s “brutal violation of basic human rights” in the year 2019. She strongly supports Israel – she criticized Ilhan Omar when he described Israel as an apartheid regime.

Laura Ingraham Economics

She has endorsed deregulation and has talked against lawsuits. She suggested cutting off unemployment benefits for individuals capable of work in the year 2021. Ingraham made criticism of the student loan forgiveness show for the administration of Joe Biden in September 2022.

Laura Ingraham Breast Cancer

Ingraham made announcements in April 2005 that she had undergone breast cancer treatment. Her docs told her that the first sentinel node testing that is usually done during surgery did not show any sign of cancer involvement in the lymph nodes. She was scheduled for the next in-depth tissue testing 2 days after the surgery. Ingraham was diagnosed with the early stage of breast cancer during a simple breast examination by her OB/GYN, and she stated that she was dope and never went back for check-ups for four years!

Laura Ingraham Books / Author

Ingraham has authored 6 books;

  • Billionaire at the Barricades (published in the year 2017)
  • Of Thee I Zing — a New York Times bestseller (published on July 12, 2011)
  • The Obama Diaries — a New York Times #1 bestseller (published on July 13, 2010)
  • Power to the People — a New York Times #1 best seller (published on September 11, 2007)
  • Shut Up & Sing: How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the UN Are Subverting America (published on October 25, 2003)
  • The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places (published in June 2000 – updated in the year 2005)
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