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Lorena Bobbitt and John Wayne Bobbitt were an American couple, married on June 18, 1989, whose relationship made world-wide headlines in 1993 when Lorena cut off her husband’s penis

Lorena Bobbitt Biography

Lorena Bobbitt and John Wayne Bobbitt were an American couple, married on June 18, 1989, whose relationship made world-wide headlines in 1993 when Lorena cut off her husband’s penis with a knife while he was asleep in bed. The penis was subsequently surgically reattached.

Lorena Bobbitt Now

Bobbitt currently serves as an advocate for victims of domestic violence, She also founded the Lorena Gallo Foundation in 2007 that helps victims of domestic violence.

Lorena Bobbitt Age

Lorena was born October 31, 1970 in Bucay, Ecuador. She is 52 years old as of 2022.

Lorena Bobbitt Height

Bobbitt stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Lorena Bobbitt Family

Lorena is the daughter of Elvia Gallo (mother). In December 1997, Lorena made news when she was charged with assault for punching her mother, Elvia, as they watched television. She was eventually found not guilty of assault, and her mother continued to live with her.

Lorena Bobbitt  Husband

She got married to John Wayne Bobbitt on June 18, 1989. In 1995, after six years of marriage, John and Lorena divorced.

Lorena Bobbitt
Lorena Bobbitt

In June 2008, Lorena appeared on the CBS News program The Early Show, where she talked about her life since the incident. In the interview, she said that she was in a long-term relationship with Dave Bellinger and that they had a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Although Lorena Bobbitt told Oprah Winfrey in April 2009 that she had no interest in talking to John, the two appeared together on the show The Insider in May 2009.

This was their first meeting since their divorce. On the show, John apologized to her for the way he treated her during their marriage, and he claimed that he still loved her because he continued to send her Valentine’s Day cards and flowers.

Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth

Her net worth has not yet been publicly disclosed. However, her ex-husband John Bobbitt has an estimated net worth of around $250K.

Lorena Bobbitt

Bobbitt took a 12-inch kitchen knife and sliced off Bobbitt’s penis on June 23, 1993. She then got in her car and drove off, throwing the detached member into a nearby field before driving to her boss Janna Bisutti’s house, where they called police.

When Lorena was arrested the night of June 23, she told authorities and later testified in court that her husband of four years had come home that night, drunk, and proceeded to rape her.

She told the police, “He always have orgasm [sic], and he doesn’t wait for me ever to have orgasm. Lorena further alleged that John had been sexually, physically and emotionally abusive for the duration of their marriage.

Lorena testified that John had raped her and physically battered her on multiple occasions prior to the evening of the severing of his penis, that they lacked financial stability, and that he stole and spent her earnings.

Lorena Bobbitt Trial

The case took a long time to settle down and after some discussions from both parties, the jury found Lorena not guilty due to insanity causing an irresistible impulse to sexually wound John. As a result, she could not be held liable for her actions.

Under state law, the judge ordered Lorena to undergo a 45-day evaluation period at Central State Hospital, located in Petersburg, Virginia, after which she would be released.

Lorena Bobbitt Tv Show

The series Lorena from Executive Producer Jordan Peele is a four part docuseries that re-investigates the events of 1993, where Lorena Bobbitt sliced off her husband’s penis after years of abuse.

Lorena Bobbitt Jokes

Media attention surrounding the case resulted in national debate and also sparked a flurry of jokes, limericks, advertising gimmicks, T-shirt slogans, as well as Howard Stern having Bobbitt as a guest on his 1993 New Year’s Eve special and fundraising $250,000 to defray the outstanding costs of Bobbitt’s surgery.

MCI had also unknowingly been drawn into the fray by running a TV commercial a couple of weeks after the incident advertising how the Bobbitts, a family from Siasconset, Massachusetts (of no relation to the Bobbitts of Manassas, Virginia) saved by switching to MCI, causing jokes to be made of “when they cut off your service, they mean it”.

Lorena Bobbitt Dead

According to some sources, Lorena died in a car accident but no official confirmation was made by credible news sources.

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