Tracy McMillan Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Husband, Son, Net Worth Books and Family or Fiancé

Tracy McMillan is an American author, television writer and relationship expert who is best known for the 2011 viral blog post “Why You’re Not Married,”

Tracy McMillan Bio, Wiki

Tracy McMillan is an American author, television writer, and relationship expert who is best known for the 2011 viral blog post “Why You’re Not Married,” which for two years was the most-viewed article on HuffPost.

McMillan also wrote a book based on the piece, Why You’re Not Married… Yet (Ballantine, 2012). Her screenwriting credits include Necessary Roughness, Mad Men, Chase, Life on Mars, and The United States of Tara.

In 2010, Tracy won the 2010 Writers Guild of America Awards for Dramatic Series for Mad Men, along with other writers of the series.

As a relationship expert, McMillan has made numerous television and radio appearances, including as a matchmaker on the NBC dating reality show Ready for Love, as well as The Today Show, Bethenny, Katie, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers.

She is the author of the memoir I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway (It! Books, 2010) and the debut novel, You’ll Know It When You See It, published by Gallery in 2015. McMillan resides in Los Angeles and continues to write occasional pieces in the Huffington Post.

Tracy McMillan Age

McMillan was born on September 12, 1964, in the United States (she is 58 years old.

Tracy McMillan Photo
Tracy McMillan Photo

Tracy McMillan Height

Tracy stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Tracy McMillan Family

McMillan’s mother was a drug-addicted prostitute while her father was a pimp. She says that she had a really dramatic childhood involving foster care, prison visits, and multiple moms that gave her lots of opportunities to interface with some of the darker aspects of human nature.

Tracy McMillan Husband

McMillan has been married three times. She was first married at 19 to an older man. A few years later, McMillan divorced. After a few years after she got married again and had a child with a wealthy man who cheated on her, after which came a divorce. She later got married to her third husband but they later divorced.

Tracy McMillan Net Worth

McMillan has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million – $5 Million which she has earned from her successful career as an author, television writer, and relationship expert.

Tracy McMillan Family or Fiancé

McMillan is the host of Family or Fiancé a show that follows the dynamics between eight engaged couples who bring their disapproving families together under one roof. The families only spend three days with each other, and the clock is ticking as the couples decide if they are going to get married or not.

In the last episode; Sheri and Micah: Indecisive Proposal, an aspiring rapper, and his fiancé seek to receive blessings on their union, despite her family’s strong objections.

Tracy McMillan Works

  • A, B, C… Manhattan (1997)
  • Journeyman (2007)
  • Life on Mars (2008-2009)
  • The United States of Tara (2010)
  • Mad Men (2010, Christmas Comes But Once a Year)
  • Chase (2010)
  • Necessary Roughness (2011)

Tracy McMillan Ethnicity

Tracy is bi-racial with an African-American dad and a white mother.

Tracy McMillan Therapist

She is not only a writer and author but also a relationship expert.

Tracy McMillan Blog

Tracy is known for a viral blog back in 2011 ‘why you’re not married’ which for two years became the most viewed article on HuffPost.

Tracy McMillan Books

Tracy has written 8 books with a very high rating of 5943, the most read being ‘ Let Love Have the Last Word.’

The table below answers some of the frequently asked questions about McMillan.

Who is McMillan? She is an American author, television writer, and relationship expert
Age57 years old as of 2021
Height5 feet 6 inches
SpouseNot Available
SalaryNot Available
Net Worth$1 Million – $5 Million
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