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Troy Dunn is an American television personality, public speaker, and producer who specializes in creating and producing television that generally

Troy Dunn Biography

Troy Dunn is an American television personality, public speaker, and producer who specializes in creating and producing television that generally includes reuniting people with long-lost loved ones.

In 2002, he sold his company to He is a senior partner in a leadership-training company. Dunn is the co-founder of a publishing company, Aylesbury Publishing.

Troy Dunn Age

He was born on May 10, 1967 in Kansas, United States. He is 55 years old as of 2022.

Troy Dunn Height

Dunn stands at a height of 5 fert 10 inches tall.

Troy Dunn Family

In 1990, Troy Dunn helped his own mother Katie Dunn (who was adopted as a baby) locate her biological family.

That single event led him to build an organization that help people reunite with long-lost friends and family members. The organization grew to cover all 50 states and 32 countries.

Troy Dunn
Troy Dunn

Troy Dunn Wife

Dunn is a married man, he has been married to his wife Jennifer Dunn since 1988.

Troy Dunn Children

As of July 3, 2018 on Dr. Phil’s official website, it reads that Troy has been married for over Thirty Years and is a Father of eight children. On episode 600 of the Dr. Phil show Dunn said he had six boys and two girls.

Troy Dunn Net Worth

Dunn has an estimated net worth of about $500000.

Troy Dunn The Locator | The Locator Troy Dunn Show

Dunn was the executive producer and star of The Locator, the television show which ran five seasons on the cable network WE. On the show, Dunn has an impressive track record for locating people, from finding birth parents to organ donors. This series follows Dunn and his team as they reconnect clients with loved ones who have lost touch over the years.

Troy Dunn The Locator Full Episodes | Troy Dunn The Locator New Season

As of 2018, Troy Dunn The Locator is in season 8 which has 8 episodes. Troy Dunn The Locator has a total of 43 episodes in general.

Last Hope With Troy Dunn | Last Hope With Troy Dunn Watch Online

In 2015, Dunn was the host and executive producer of the UPTV show “Last Hope With Troy Dunn”. In this series, Troy Dunn searches for missing people hoping to track down long-lost loved ones and set up inspirational reunions. He uses technology and social media combined with old-fashioned detective work to find the “unfindable” and ultimately repair broken relationships.

Each episode features a different search, showcasing the process Dunn uses to find people, a process that has made him one of the most sought-after experts in his field. The families or individuals contact Dunn after exhausting everything in their power to locate their missing relatives.

Last Hope With Troy Dunn Full Episodes

Last Hope With Troy Dunn season one has 10 episodes.

Troy Dunn Lds

Dunn served twice as a bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and said that while he never felt he had a balanced life between his LDS Church calling, work and family, the key is to focus on one thing at a time.

Apb With Troy Dunn

In 2013, the cable network TNT announced it was producing a similar program for which Dunn would be executive producer and host, APB with Troy Dunn.

Life Is Like A Football Game Troy Dunn

The plan of salvation may be one of the most difficult topics to get youth to listen to and understand- -but not anymore! Using enough humor to keep you rolling with laughter and an energy level capable of lighting up New York City, Troy Dunn tackles this topic and wins!

Troy shows how some gospel principles are easier to understand when viewed through the eyes of a football player. He will walk you step by step from the locker room to the field and finally to the homecoming party. If you want to experience how exciting the gospel can really be, take an hour to discover why life is a game of football!

Troy Dunn Tv Show | Troy Dunn Show

  • The Locator
  • Last Hope With Troy Dunn
  • APB With Troy Dunn

Troy Dunn Daughter Cancer

In January 2005 at age 7, Josalin, Troy Dunn daughter was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. Josalin Dunn had seven rounds of chemotherapy before being taken to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York to have her tumor and a third of her stomach removed.

After surgery, Josalin and her family were told that she had been misdiagnosed and that her cancer was actually gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST).

When Josalin found out that she had cancer she had mixed feelings, “I felt confused and a little scared because they told me I had to go to the hospital a lot.” Josalin goes for her scans every three months and like many Life Rafters, doesn’t like it a bit, “I have to go up to St. Petersburg and drink some nasty stuff, [it tastes like] a really disgusting milkshake.”

But life is not all scans and hospital visits for Josalin. Not only has she recently entered the third grade, which she admits is a little bit harder than second grade, but she also has many extracurricular activities to keep her happy and busy. “I just finished my soccer season and I’m starting softball and basketball. I also do modern and hip hop [dancing]. I have a little Christmas recital. The outfits are really cute, I’m a little nervous I might do something wrong, but I’m ready to go.”

When she was misdiagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, she was subjected to unnecessary chemotherapy. When they finally realized that her doctors had been wrong, Josalin had already undergone seven rounds, which made her hair fall out and caused her to be ill.  Her parents experienced the whole range of emotions.

“Initially we were thrilled that it was different and the chemo was over,” said her mom. “Then we were like, wait, she never needed it in the first place? She had to suffer all that and, in terms of long-term effects, we have issues we may have to deal with? We thought: Is there somebody we should be suing, I know it’s a sue-happy society, but when an injustice is done to your child, you are hurt.”

After speaking to the doctors, the Dunns reevaluated their position, “They weren’t looking for GIST, so when it matched up with Ewing’s, they had no reason to run the other tests.  What’s gotten me and [Troy] through all of this is faith — maybe we were supposed to experience this for a reason. Josalin’s future looks brighter now and the end result could have been much worse. Everybody did the best they could with the knowledge they had. We just found a way to deal with it.”

Josalin was very glad to hear she had the “better cancer.” The idea of any more surgery made her cry. When she was told that the chemo was unnecessary, her response was simple and poignant, “I went to all this trouble for nothing?”

Josalin does not take her “better cancer” for granted.  She wants to keep herself and others informed about her disease, “I think I know a bunch, me and my teacher read [the Life Raft Group Pediatric GIST pamphlet] to the students.  I think they understood part of it and there were a few questions, but they mostly got it.  I want to learn as much as I can, so if anything comes up, I’m ready!”

Her perseverance has helped her conquer the problems that came her way. She even has different techniques to tackle them.  “[When I have bad days] I like to stick my face in my pillow and say, ‘Calm down, it’ll be over pretty soon.’”

Her mother reflects on her strength by recalling one of the many visits Josalin made to Memorial Sloan-Kettering, “She had surgery on a Monday, she was discharged on a Friday and was walking around Time Square on Saturday. She seemed to bear it all fairly well.”

Josalin’s experiences have given her a fresh outlook on her future, “I hope that I’ll have some wavy hair that’s pretty long and I hope I won’t have to get anymore scans and I hope that other people in my family don’t get cancer.”



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