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Brenna Greene is an American Director/Anchor/Reporter who is best known for her time at KREM 2 News serving the station as a Sports Director.

Brenna Greene Biography

Brenna Greene is an American Director/Anchor/Reporter who is best known for her time at KREM 2 News in Spokane, Washington where she was serving the station as a Sports Director. She joined the station in July 2018 where she was first serving as a Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter.

Brenna Greene Career

Greene was working with KREM 2 News in Spokane where she was serving the station as a Sports Director. She left the station on the first of July 2022 and states that she wants to thank everyone who has been part of her four-year journey.

She states that she has seen Spokane as her adult home because she came into her own during her time at Gonzaga as a student. Brenna jumped at the opportunity to move back a few years into her career as a sports journalist. She states that every single day for her was an incredible privilege to serve the religion that helped her become the person she is. Additionally, she states that the four years have been the most fulfilling, exciting, and enthusiastic years of her career in television, and was also thankful.

She states that her first year was Minshew and she did not know at that moment how special that season was for her. Additionally, she also states that the team’s comeback in the Alamo Bowl remains a great memory, but college Gameday coming to Pullman will always be a top three career highlight for her.

Asides from that, another career highlight for her was covering her alma mater in its best years of basketball. She also runs to the national championship game last year which really sticks out for her. Asides from this, she states that she was one of only a handful of people who got to watch that team up close and personal due to COVID restrictions and also treasure every moment of it.

For her, she states that it’s not just the events but also the people. Additionally, she states that she is so lucky to have to share personal stories over the years. Suggs told her about one of his best friends who died by suicide. She also does the sign of the cross as an X for him prior to every game because his name is Xavier. One of the quotes from that story was embroidered on the inside of Jalen’s suit jacket on NBA Draft night. She also saw the picture on Instagram and It remains one of the coolest moments of her career.

Brenna Greene Photo
Brenna Greene Photo

Asides from covering sports, she has a great passion for getting to know athletes through personal, impactful stories. She also states that American Ninja Warrior’s Sandy Zimmerman talked to her about her abusive childhood, WSU goalie Nadia Cooer and opened up about her mom passing away from COVID, Central Valley football player Brandon Thomas who lost his leg due to cancer and still came back to play. Greene also spoke to him when he first got the diagnosis and he said he has an approach and the biggest game. She thanked everybody for trusting her with their story.

Greene states that there were fun moments and he truly enjoyed, The blind Skittles taste test with Marshawn Lynch’s brother Davonte Sapp-Lynch who had gone bowling with WSU receivers Calvin Jackson and Travell Harris. This is in addition to talking to the Gonzaga dads last NCAA Tournament about the Zags Got Dads shirts and made and wore all the shirts. She states that she will always appreciate the joy they shared.

Among her favorite compliment is when viewers say they can tell how much she loves her job. This is because she does her job and loved being part of the team at KREM. She goes ahead to thank her co-workers for letting her vision for the sports department become a reality. Greene goes ahead to state that she appreciates it more than people may know.

She closes by saying a big thanks to all those who are at home for accepting her. Additionally, she also states that she hopes that people have learned something new from her stories and had fun along the way. Greene states that she moving back home to Portland for a new opportunity but will always have a home in Spokane. She goes ahead to state that there is no better feeling than coming down the hill from the airport and looking on to the city. It is that sense of wonderment and excitement that will never fade for her.

Brenna Greene Age

Greene was born and raised in Portland, OR. She likes to keep her personal life private hence has not yet disclosed the year and month she was born. It is therefore not known when she celebrates her birthday.

Brenna Greene Height

Greene stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Brenna Greene Family

Greene has managed to keep her personal life away from the limelight hence she has not disclosed any information about her parents. It is also not known if Greene has any siblings.

Brenna Greene Husband

Greene is very private about her personal life therefore it is not known if she is in any relationship. There are also no rumors of her being in any past relationship with anyone.

Brenna Greene Net Worth

Greene has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 Million – $5 Million which she has earned through being a journalist.

Brenna Greene Salary

Greene earns an annual salary ranging between $40,000 – $ 110,500.

Brenna Greene KREM

Greene works at KREM where she works alongside other famous KREM anchors, reporters, meteorologists, and sports anchors including;

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The table below answers some of the frequently asked questions about Greene.

Who is Brenna Greene?

She is an American journalist

How old is Brenna Greene?

Not Available

How tall is Brenna Greene?

5 feet 4 inches

Who is Brenna Greene married to?

Not Available

How much money does Brenna Greene earn?

$40,000 – $ 110,500.

How much is Brenna Greene worth?

$1 Million – $5 Million

Brenna Greene Twitter

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