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Jake Tapper is an American correspondent, anchor, host, and cartoonist working at CNN. He joined the station in January 2013.

Jake Tapper Biography

Jake Tapper is an American correspondent, anchor, host, and cartoonist working at CNN. He has been working at the network since joining in January 2013.

Jake Tapper Career

Tapper serves as chief Washington correspondent and the anchor of ” The Lead with Jake Tapper” at CNN. He has also hosted “State of the Union” every Sunday morning since June 2015. He, later on, started serving as the lead anchor for CNN for Washington, D.C. events in April 2021. Since joining CNN, he has enclosed several stories about money, politics, sports, popular culture, international news, health, and national news. He recently enclosed the 2020 USA general elections and lent his political expertise with expert analysis.

Tapper has also received tons of awards including a 2017 Walter Cronkite Award, the Los Angeles Press Club’s President’s Award, The Canadian Journalism Foundation’s Tribute to Exemplary Journalism, and the John F. Hogan Distinguished Service Award. Moreover, he also won a People’s Choice Vetty during the 3rd Annual Vetty Awards. He is also the author of five books including The Hellfire Club, The Devil May Dance, The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency, and Body Slam: The Jesse Ventura Story.

Before joining ABC News, he worked at Salon.com where he served as the Washington correspondent and national correspondent. He started his journalism career serving as a reporter and writer at the Washington City Paper and some of his reporters have been published in The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Weekly Standard, The New York Times Magazine, and The Los Angeles Times among others. Tapper went to Dartmouth College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Whenever he is not working, he enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends.

Jake Tapper ABC News

Prior to joining CNN, he previously worked at ABC News where he served as the senior White House correspondent. During his tenure at ABC News, he received the Merriman Smith Memorial Award for covering deadlines an unprecedented three times in a row. In addition to that, he was also among the network’s Emmy award-winning team for covering the 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama. The team also received Murrow Award for covering the death of Osama bin Laden.

During his tenure at ABC News, he enclosed several stories including the war in Iraq from Baghdad, visiting remote corners of Afghanistan, and the failure of the levee system as well as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He was also the lead reporter for the coverage of the 2018 general presidential election.

Jake Tapper Photo
Jake Tapper Photo

Jake Tapper Age

Tapper is 54 years old. He was born on 12 March 1969 in New York, New York, United States. He celebrates his birthday on the 12th of March every year.

Jake Tapper Height

Tapper stands at a height of 6′ 0¾” (1.85 m).

Jake Tapper Family

Tapper is the son of Theodore S. “Ted” and Helen Anne (née Palmatier) Tapper. He retired as a psychiatric nurse at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center his mother, is originally from Canada. His father was a Dartmouth College and Harvard Medical School graduate from South Philadelphia and an Associate Professor of the Clinic of Pediatrics at Jefferson Medical College.

He was also a Chicago-born doctor. He is Jewish by his parents, converted to Judaism by his mother, raised Presbyterian. As a child, Tapper spent the summer at Camp Ramah in Poconos, a Jewish summer camp. Also, he has a brother named Aaron. Aaron was born on 10th April 1973 and is 50 years old.

Jake Tapper Wife

Tapper is a married man. He is married to Jennifer Marie Brown, a former Planned Parenthood official. The couple married in 2006 in her home state of Missouri. They have two children and live in Washington, D.C.

Jake Tapper’s Daughter Sickness

Tapper’s daughter, Alice experienced stomach cramps, a low fever, chills, and vomiting and went to the ER. The doctors and nurses tried to help her and gave her IV fluids but the pain intensified. Eventually, she was transferred to another hospital. They ruled out appendicitis despite her pediatrician’s idea that it could be appendicitis and thought could it be some kind of viral infection.

She voiced that she got sicker to the point where her skin started to turn a pale green. She was given Tylenol for the pain while her mom inquired why they didn’t give a sonogram. The doctor said that the sonogram was not needed. On the other hand, her father asked why she couldn’t be given antibiotics to which the doctors said that antibiotics would cause more harm than good in a viral infection case.

It wasn’t until her father asked for help by calling the hospital administrator that she received an abdominal X-ray which showed that she had no viral infection. After a single ultrasound, it revealed that her appendix had holes and was leaking a toxic stream of bacteria throughout her body. Following this, she had a CT scan followed by emergency surgery.

Two laparoscopic drains were inserted into her body to remove the toxic leakage. Further, she had sepsis and went into hypovolemic shock. After leaving the I.C.U., she spent another week in the hospital and was given morphine for the pain. Fortunately, she recuperated and started to spread awareness about misdiagnoses of appendicitis after her experience with misdiagnosis.

Jake Tapper Net Worth

Tapper has an estimated net worth ranging from $8 Million – $10 Million which he has earned through being a  journalist, author, and cartoonist.

Jake Tapper Salary

Tapper earns an annual salary of $4 Million.

Jake Tapper Books

During his career, Tapper has authored a number of books namely;

  • The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor(2012)
  • The Hellfire Club(2018)
  • The Devil May Dance(2021)
  • All The Demons Are Here(July 11, 2023)

Jake Tapper CNN

Tapper works at CNN where he works alongside other famous CNN anchors, reporters, meteorologists, and sports anchors including;

  1. Roland Martin
  2. Sara Sidner
  3. Erin Mclaughlin
  4. Alex Marquardt
  5. Jean Casarez
  6. Dylan Byers
  7. Katrina Pierson
  8. Irin Carmon
  9. Natasha Curry
  10. Christi Paul
  11. Bob Van Dillen
  12. Reynolds Wolf
  13. Gloria Borger

The table below answers some of the frequently asked questions about Tapper.

Who is Tapper?He is an American journalist, author, and cartoonist
AgeTapper is 54 years old.
Height6′ 0¾”
SpouseJennifer Marie Brown
Salary$4 Million
Net Worth$8 Million – $10 Million
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