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David Axelrod is an American political consultant and analyst and former White House official. He is best known for being Barack Obama’s chief strategist

David Axelrod Biography

David Axelrod is an American political consultant and analyst and former White House official. He is best known for being Barack Obama’s chief strategist in the presidential elections. Axelrod was named as Senior Advisor to the President after Obama’s inauguration.

David Axelrod Education

Axelrod attended the University of Chicago after graduating from Stuyvesant High School in New York in 1972, where he majored in political science. Axelrod wrote for the Hyde Park Herald as a student, reporting politics, and received an internship with the Chicago Tribune.

David Axelrod Career

Axelrod is a long-time consultant for former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. He worked with the unsuccessful 2004 presidential bid of John Edwards as well. Axelrod was retained by the Liberal Party of Ontario to support Dalton McGuinty and his party in 2002 to be voted into government in the October 2003 election. In 2006, Axelrod worked with many elections, including Eliot Spitzer’s successful campaigns in the gubernatorial election in New York and Deval Patrick’s election as governor in Massachusetts.

In support of patronage, he penned an op-ed for the Chicago Tribune after two top officials were indicted in the administration of longtime client Chicago Mayor Daley for what federal prosecutors identified as “pervasive fraud” in the recruiting and promotions of City Hall. He has worked with Exelon, an Illinois-area utility that owned the largest nuclear reactor fleet in the United States, as a contractor. In 2006, he served as the chief strategic advisor to the U.S. chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Ambassador Rahm Emanuel. He was an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University. In 2009 he received an honorary degree in Human Letters from DePaul University.

During the 2008 presidential race, Axelrod contemplated taking a break from politics. Obama met Axelrod before making an anti-war address in 2002. Axelrod helped form the Obama campaign’s core slogan of “change” The message of change was a factor in Obama’s win in the Iowa caucus. He was dismissive of the Clinton campaign’s positioning and said that “being the consummate Washington insider is not where you want to be in a year when people want change” Axelrod also stated that Hillary Clinton’s campaign ignored the value of the caucus states. In the 2008 primary season, Obama won the majority of states using the caucus format.

He used “man on the street”-style biographical videos to establish a feeling of familiarity and reality in campaign advertising. He said Clinton’s original political positioning was incorrect and sort of played into our hands. Axelrod is credited with introducing a policy that allows individuals to join. Axelrod’s elaborate use of the Internet helped Obama mobilize under 30 voters and create more than 475,000 donors in 2007. Obama’s online site helps fans to tweet, create their own personal website, and even call from home. The New York Times described Axelrod as a “Campaign Guru” with an “appreciation for Chicago-style politics” and a “soft-spoken” and “mild-mannered” presence. “He’s not a screamer, like some of these guys,” said Bill Daley, political adviser to Axelrod.

David Axelrod Photo
David Axelrod Photo

David Axelrod CNN

Axelrod works at CNN where he works alongside other famous CNN anchors, reporters, meteorologists, and sports anchors including;

  1. Roland Martin
  2. Sara Sidner
  3. Erin Mclaughlin
  4. Alex Marquardt
  5. Jean Casarez
  6. Dylan Byers
  7. Katrina Pierson
  8. Irin Carmon
  9. Natasha Curry
  10. Christi Paul
  11. Bob Van Dillen
  12. Reynolds Wolf
  13. Kirsten Powers
  14. Midwin Charles
  15. Anderson Cooper
  16. Jason Carroll
  17. Josh Campbell
  18. Ryan Browne
  19. Pamela Brown
  20. Gloria Borger

David Axelrod Age

Axelrod is 67 years old as of 2022. She was born on 22 February 1955 in Lower East Side, New York, United States. She celebrates her birthday on the 22nd of February every year.

David Axelrod Height

David has a height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.88 m).

David Axelrod Family

Axelrod was raised in a secular Jewish family and performed a bar mitzvah service at the Brotherhood Synagogue in Manhattan. His mother, Myril Bennett (née Davidson), was a PM journalist, a 1940s liberal daily, and later a Young & Rubicam advertising executive. His father, Joseph Axelrod, was a psychologist and an ardent baseball fan who, at the age of eleven, emigrated from Eastern Europe to the United States. In 1977, at the time of his graduation, he lost his father to suicide.

David Axelrod Wife

David met his future wife at the University of Chicago, business student Susan Landau, the daughter of science doctor Richard L. Landau, and they were married in 1979. In June 1981, their first child, a daughter, was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of seven months.

David Axelrod Net Worth

Axelrod has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 Million – $5 Million which he has earned through being a political consultant and analyst.

David Axelrod Salary

Axelrod earns an annual salary ranging from $40,000 – $ 110,500.

David Axelrod Podcast

David’s podcast, The Axe Files bring you a series of revealing interviews with key figures in the political world. Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics.

The table below answers some of the frequently asked questions about Axelrod.

Who is David Axelrod?

 He is an American political consultant and analyst and former White House official

How old is David Axelrod?

66 years old as of 2021

How tall is David Axelrod?

6 feet 1 inch

Who is David Axelrod married to?

Susan Landau

How much money does David Axelrod earn?

$40,000 – $ 110,500

How much is David Axelrod worth?

$1 Million – $5 Million

Axelrod Twitter

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