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Don Lemon is s an Awards winning American TV journalist who has worked as the presenter of CNN Tonight and as a news correspondent at ABC.

Don Lemon Biography

Don Lemon is s an Edward R. Murrow Award and three regional Emmy Awards-winning American television journalist who has worked as the presenter of CNN Tonight and as a news correspondent at ABC. He joined CNN in September 2006.

Don Lemon Education

He was in Baker Higher school, in Baker town public high school in the eastern reddish Baton parish. During this senior year, Lemon was elected to the office. Having participated in Louisiana State University, Lemon qualified by the academic award of the WNYW telecom policy during a period with MILLON of Brooklyn College of broadcast journalism. They hired Fox News and worked for several years with their St. Louis and Chicago branches. After graduation, Lemon also became a reporter in Philadelphia and Chicago for NBC affiliates.

Don Lemon CNN

Lemon serves as an anchor for “Don Lemon Tonight” which aires on weeknights at 10 pm. In addition to these roles, he also serves as the CNN/U.S. programming corresponding. He has also managed to interview well-known personalities including Anne Cooper, and then-Rep. Rahm Emanuel, and Cooper. Furthermore, he has also served as CNN’s political town halls moderator as well as co-moderated the first 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate. He also served as a co-host of Covid special which addressed the pandemic’s impact on communities of color. Furthermore, he also served as CNN’s leading voice guiding viewers through the death of George Floyd and the summer of nationwide protests and riots.

Since joining CNN, he has anchored and reported on the scene for the station including the crisis in Ukraine (2022), and the school shooting in Uvalde, TX (2022). He has also enclosed the Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub (2016), and death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, and the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO (2014). Some of the other events he has enclosed include the Charleston church shooting (2015), the Boston Marathon bombing (2013), the George Zimmerman trial (2013), and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (2012). In addition to this, he has also enclosed the Inaugural of the 44th President in Washington, the death of Whitney Houston, and the death of Michael Jackson (2009). He also enclosed the Minneapolis bridge collapse (2007) and Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana (2008).

Lemon also spent several years serving as an anchor at CNN and enclosed the Arab Spring as well as the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. While still working in this role, he enclosed the Joplin tornado and the death of Osama Bin Laden. Lemon works at CNN where he works alongside other famous CNN anchors, reporters, meteorologists, and sports anchors including;

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Don Lemon NBC

In Philadelphia and Chicago, Lemon became an NBC correspondent with NBC branches. Lemon reported on the New York City activities of NBC News, which included their work as a correspondent for both Today and NBC News; as an anchor on Weekend Today and MSNBC programs. In 2003, he started working at WMAQ-TV station (5 in Chicago), the operating network of NBC, and was a reporter and co-anchor of local news. At the time of WMAQ, he won three Emmies for local information gatherings.

Don Lemon Photo
Don Lemon Photo

Don Lemon Awards and Honors

Ever since he started his journalism career, he has managed to win quite a number of awards and honors. For instance, he was named one of the Ebony Power 150: the most influential Blacks in America by Ebony in 2009. He also received an Edward R. Murrow award for covering the capture of the Washington, D.C. snipers. He also won an Emmy award for his special report on real estate in Chicagoland. Additionally, he received several awards for his special report on Hurricane Katrina and the AIDS epidemic in Africa. In addition to these awards, he received three more local Emmys in 2006 for his special report on a business feature about Craigslist.

Don Lemon Age

Lemon is 55 years old as of 2021. He was born on the 1st of March 1966 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. He celebrates his birthday on the 1st of March every year.

Don Lemon Height

Lemon stands at a height of 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 m).

Don Lemon Family

Lemon is the daughter of Katherine Lemon Clark. He has two sisters; Leisa Lemon and Yma Lemon. He has Creole ancestry; his great-grandfather was of French descent, in addition to African-American ancestry. Lemon’s sister, died at the age of 58 on January 31, 2018, it was found by police that her death occurred through accidental fishing in a pond drowning during a hybrid strike during his quest.

Don Lemon Partner

Lemon publicly came out as gay. He is engaged to Tim Malone. Being one of the few uninterruptedly gay Black men to get acquainted with close associations within the black community, he also addressed theft, monstrosity, and social harassment he also experiences as a photographer. he also explains mating with personal members, making him out part of some of a total degree of violence. He devoted that book to Tyler, who got one of the college’s kids to owe his friend on the Internet and took all his life. Lemon has also reported that since the age of five or six he has learned about his sexuality.

Don Lemon Net Worth

Lemon has an estimated net worth of $12 Million which he has earned through being a news correspondent.

Don Lemon Salary

Lemon earns an annual salary of $4 Million.

The table below answers some of the frequently asked questions about Lemon.

Who is Don Lemon?

 He is an Edward R. Murrow Award and three regional Emmy Awards-winning American television journalist

How old is Don Lemon?

55 years old as of 2021

How tall is Don Lemon?

6 feet 0 inches

Who is Don Lemon married to?

Tim Malone

How much money does Don Lemon earn?

$4 Million

How much is Don Lemon worth?

$12 Million


Don Lemon Twitter

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