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John “Appy” Appicello is an American journalist currently working as the sports director at The WSLS based in Roanoke, Virginia.

John “Appy” Appicello Biography

John “Appy” Appicello is an American journalist currently working as the sports director at The WSLS based in Roanoke, Virginia.

John “Appy” Appicello Education

At Syracuse University, he ran cross-country and track. For his cross-country, wrestling, and track careers at Tamaqua High School (Tamaqua, PA), he was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. He knows what it takes to compete at the highest level. His degree in broadcasting is from the University of Florida.

John “Appy” Appicello Career

He considers athletics to be a microcosm of life itself. Most games, seasons, and careers can be explained by our shared life experiences. We’re all coaches and players in many ways, whether it’s overcoming obstacles, putting together the right pairings for success, or riding a wave of momentum to victory. His mission is to explain sporting events to you in a way that almost anyone can comprehend. When you hear him talk about washing the laundry or the challenges and tribulations of having an outdoor picnic, you can see he’s just trying to simplify something that may seem complicated to some. We can’t all play professional football. However, we must all eat.

Sports instill value systems that are crucial later in life. He now prefers to cover local sports, particularly at the high school level. Growing up in Pennsylvania’s coal country, he can tell you that the entire town revolves around the performance of the local high school teams. He recognizes and values the influence we can have on young people.

It never hurts to be acknowledged. Southwest Virginia, he believes, is very similar, just a bit further south down the mountain chain. It will be up to them to decide whether or not they want to compete in sports as they get older. But, for his part, he will urge them to find and live their passion. He is well aware that he has.

John “Appy” Appicello WSLS

John Appicello works at WSLS where he works alongside other famous WSLS anchors, reporters, meteorologists, and sports anchors including;

  1. Brooke Leonard
  2. Eric Johnson
  3. Justin McKee
  4. Delaney Wearden
  5. Chris Michaels
  6. Jeff Haniewich
  7. McKinley Strother
  8. Rachel Lucas
  9. Brittny McGraw
  10. Jenna Zibton
  11. Patrick McKee
  12. Lindsey Ward
  13. John Carlin
John "Appy" Appicello Photo
John “Appy” Appicello Photo

John “Appy” Appicello Age

Appicello likes to keep his personal life private hence has not yet disclosed the year and month he was born. It is therefore not known when he celebrates his birthday.

John “Appy” Appicello Height

Appicello stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m).

John “Appy” Appicello Family

When he was three, his father would let him stay up late to watch the first half of Monday Night Football. At that age, his mother claims he could name every starting player on three separate NFL teams. He credits his father for instilling in him a strong desire to participate in sports.

John “Appy” Appicello Wife

Appicello is married and the couple has two children; Nina, their daughter, will start middle school in the fall. Aidan, their son, is about to start fourth grade.

John “Appy” Appicello Net Worth

Appicello has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 Million – $5 Million which he has earned through being a journalist.

John “Appy” Appicello Salary

Appicello earns an annual salary ranging between $40,000 – $ 110,500.

The table below answers some of the frequently asked questions about Appicello.

Who is John “Appy” Appicello?

 He is an American journalist

How old is John “Appy” Appicello?

Not Available

How tall is John “Appy” Appicello?

5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)

Who is John “Appy” Appicello married to?

Not Available

How much money does John “Appy” Appicello earn?

$40,000 – $ 110,500

How much is John “Appy” Appicello worth?

$1 Million – $5 Million
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